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The dignity of the artist lies in his duty to keep alive the sense of wonder in the world (J. K. Chesterton)

Alessandro Valenti in art Alvalenti
In his stubborn trying to be present in the human landscape of his time, he has succeeded in the difficult task to take his art from the street to the stage. He made the cartoon a form of entertainment that also took him on national television as a grafhic/funny poet.

Humorist, painter, writer and actor. His artworks are exhibited at the Alvalenti Humor Gallery located in the historical center of Siena (Italy) visited by representatives of all ethnic groups of the planet and some timid group of tourists from other galaxies. You can find his artworks iven at the Shop on line


He is the first comic graphic designer that has arrived at the legendary television program "Zelig" at the Italian national networks. He currently runs the stages of the world with his shows graphics/comedy.

Alvalenti with Paola Cortellesi and Claudio Bisio at italian TV - Zelig Arcimboldi 2012
He is the inventor of "ALVA JUNGLE. An amazing graphics improvisation that turns any signature, sign or word, in a cartoon.
The AlvaJungle now is also available in the video version.
A very original graphic work that you can give for present for a special event (conventions, conferences, wedding party, graduation party, birthday parties, theme dinners etc.)

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