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The dignity of the artist lies in his duty to keep alive the sense of wonder in the world (J. K. Chesterton)



May 16, 1957 - Southern Sardinia, a human sperm fails to meet an egg in the night;

February 16, 1958 3:15 ore - Southern Sardinia, unbeknown to of most of humanity is born Alessandro Valenti.

The general indifference that echo its first stirrings mark him for years to come soon forcing him to understand what life is wonderful scam;

1966 - At the age of eight years, with great nonchalance, arrives in Tuscany and moved to Siena, the city of the Palio. Here begins to hone his innate nature of graphic humorist;

1973 - Public for the first time his strips, "Pik prisoner of a sticker" in the VIP Pocket Sansoni of Milan;

1976 - He knows his master Tambus, artist friend who introduced him to the world of popular theater;

1982 - Invents the cartoon encryption, known as ALVA JUNGLE a fun way to improvise graphically on any signature sign or word, turning it into a cartoon in a few minutes.

1984/85 - Stay and works in San Francisco (California) encryption as a cartoonist, performing at various clubs in the city;

1986 - Performs the initials of the RAI program "If you are wise, laugh" for the DSE;

1987 - Angela knows Abelini, theater actress, and his two daughters Martha and Alice. Begins to carry out its activities in villages;

1988 - is a fixture in the evenings Club Primula Pescasseroli (AQ) during the winter season. Become Luna's father;

1989 - Turn Italy as a street artist with the slogan "From your signature a cartoon of an author" (Isola del Giglio, Fiuggi, Porto Santo Stefano, Elba, Capri, Sperlonga, Spoleto, Marilleva) becomes father also of Milo;

1990 - He joined the Emerald Coast and became a fixture of the summer of Porto Rotondo;

1991 - "From your signature a cartoon of an author" is in Baja Sardinia;

1993 - He made his debut in theater with improvisation in the show graphic graphics play "The Power Of Willy", designed and built with the group "Hand of the Opera" in Siena, directed by Mila Moretti and actors Angela Abelini, Alfredo Cavazzoni and Sergio Licatalosi; published his most successful Poster: The Magic City;

1995 - Participates in the Exhibition Of Santini dedicated to Toto, Toto San Mira Your People and realization of the book with the same title by Michael Rossi and Vincenzo Mollica;

1996 - illustrates the tale of Pinocchio in 132 cartoons framed by the words of the original text and makes it a poster of success;

1997 - Participates in the exhibition "Drawings In Salsa Solidarity" in Rome on the theme of "fair trade" by the CIES COOP with the support of the European Commission;

1998 - Participates in the exhibition "A Stamp For Toto" organized by the Region of Marche in Acquaviva (AP) Makes the graphic show play "Superficially Deep" which is the author and performer, directed by Angela Abelini;

1998 - Work in television networks Mediaset, including "Good Friday" on Channel 5;

1999 - collaborated insert "Games" magazine "TV Smiles and Songs";

2000 - It closes itself and produces new works that you are a publisher;

2005 - Asking for silence to be a little quiet. Together with musicians Massimo Cantini, Andrea and Matteo Addabbo Scognamillo founded the "Filu Quartet", an unusual group with music, drawing impromptu poetry and humor captivates the public squares and theaters with his new show "Waiting the moon ";

2006 - "Filu, draw with the verses" is a show of graficabaret, original designs and interaction between verses (sometimes poetic) directed by Angela Abelini. Join the Laboratory Zelig of Florence, performing at Theatre Rifredi. 2007 - Filu, the poet graficomico surprising in English on the stage of "La Dolce Vita," the Italian Festival in London (see photo) Join the Laboratory Zelig of Bologna. On February 29, after 21 years of untold adventures together, fly to a wedding with Angela Abelini, his great love, Giberville in Normandy.

And 'one of the protagonists of the short film "The Pen", directed by Anthony Megna Pantaleone and Edward Bowen, the film won 8 th Edition of Short Fiction in Chianciano Terme. On the morning of July 31, 2008, ANGELA Abelini, my great love, flew in the hearts of all those who loved her ... my love, live happily in my heart, your smile is the strength of my infinite and our wonderful children. We've been together more than before, Hello Love!

2009 - After four years of Zelig Laboratory in Bologna, with the guidance of the authors Saronni Gigi and Bruno Furnari, he comes to transmission ZELIG OFF on Channel 5 in the late evening.

2010 - 'cast in the new edition of Zelig, by Claudio Bisio and Vanessa Incontrada at Arcimboldi Theatre, in prime time on Channel 5. 2010 - begins with a new play for children entitled disegnar DREAMING with actress Silvia Saturnia which inadvertently falls in love

2012 - Back to ZELIG with Claudio Bisio and Paola Cortellesi

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